Despite the fact that our drivers and trustees are unpaid volunteers our charges barely cover the cost of operating our service, so we rely on donations from the public and local businesses to keep our service going. There are so many ways you can help, and whatever the amount you give, you can be sure it will be put to good use

£16 would pay for the subsidised cost of a passenger journey                   

£60 would pay for a volunteer to attend a first aid course                           

£500 would pay for two sets of wheelchair restraints

£2,500 would pay for the insurance of one vehicle for a year 

£12,500would pay our annual insurance for our fleet as well as our public liability insurance 

£5,000 would pay for the maintenance of our fleet for a year 

£7,000 would provide the fuel for our fleet of vehicles to run for one year  

Leave a Legacy

Make   a   lasting   difference   by   leaving   a   gift in your will.  For over 37 years Freedomwheels has provided necessary assistance, transport and care to people whose disabilities and mobility problems curtail their access.   Leaving a legacy is an important way in which you can help ensure we continue to provide much needed freedom and independence to those most in need.   A gift in your will can provide powerful and long lasting impact for us to continue our work    

Sponsor a Vehicle  

Get you company logo and contact details on the side of one of our vehicles and advertise your products and services on a daily basis around Exeter and surrounds.   Call us for more details